Sunday, January 9, 2011

Apple Juice and Baby Crackers

Apple juice and baby crackers (aka arrowroot cookies) as my mid-afternoon snack. (Note that I am studying for my pushed-back-from-December-due-to-"Snowmageddon"-Public Administration exam).

It has been years since I've had both apple juice and baby crackers at the same time. It reminds me of "milk and cookie time" when I was at playgroup (though we usually had apple juice and cookies). This playgroup was somewhere you could bring your children to socialize with other children before they were school-age (no doubt it was for the moms to socialize too). What I find surprising is that I remember so clearly the things that happened there, even though I was so young. Once you turned 4 you weren't allowed to go there anymore (since you should be going to kindergarten then).

There was the time that a much bigger Megan pushed me off a chair at milk and cookie time for no apparent reason. From her, I ended up with a mostly pink hand-me down snowsuit that already had 'Megan' written inside. I thought that was really neat at the time. She was the first Megan I can remember meeting.

Then there was the time that the visiting optometrist told me I had stars in my eyes. Her telling that made me think that everyone had a shape in their eyes. My mother set me straight when I was a bit older. She said the optometrist probably said it to get me to open my eyes wider. I was angry with the optometrist for deceiving me. I told my mum that she could've just asked me to open my eyes wider.

In highschool, when I would mention the names of friends, my mum would tell me that so-and-so was in playgroup too. I don't remember anyone specifically, except for the Whaleys.

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