Thursday, September 30, 2010

Phallon & Asia

(Written on June 19th)
This day has already been extremely interesting... I'm heading to Cornwall on the bus as I speak, but while in Toronto I had some intriguing experiences. I was starving, so I left the terminal in search of food (I had an hour and a half to kill before the bus to Cornwall left). Of course, it was six in the morning, so nothing was open- even in downtown Toronto. I walked up to Yonge St. where a fellow traveller struck up conversation with me asking why I look so sad- lol. I had 2 hours of sleep on a bus! It wasn't sadness, it was lack of energy. He was strange though, he was wasting time until his bus came also, so it would seem natural to maybe waste it together. But he decided he was going to walk down a street that did not look promising for food. So I did not go with him and he didn't decide to come with me when I told him I was going to continue up Yonge. Oh well.

I decided to eat the apple and banana I had brought, since I couldn't seem to find anything else. I watched the peaceful, early morning Yonge St. wake up. Quite a few police went by on their way to breakfast, it seemed because they were all in a jovial mood and didn't seem to be walking with purpose as you typically see them. At this point, they seemed very social. There were quite a few police because of the G20

Just after I sat down on some steps and bit into my apple I heard a someone saying, "Asia, Asia", as though they were speaking to a pet. When I looked up, there was a man in a white sailor's suit walking a dog. Immediately he enthusiastically said hi and asked me if he could talk to me, saying I seemed like I'd be an interesting person. He introduced himself as Phallon and the dog as Asia (who was his friend's). Phallon told me he was going to make a television debut by interviewing people on the streets of Toronto. He was curious to know why so many people in Toronto are "cold" and he wanted to find out what makes people "tick" in this city.

He wanted to start the interview with me, but he said he was having trouble with the camera (which was also a friend's). I said I could probably fix it, so he handed it to me. After a minute of fiddling with it I discovered that the brightness was turned up far too much and the white balance was off. Just as I was fixing the settings four young punk kids walked our way. Phallon asked if he could talk to them, citing that they looked like interesting people. They excitedly said he looked like an interesting person and that they loved his outfit. 

I had just fixed the settings, so I started recording their conversation. Phallon noted the reasons he was talking to people and said that they didn't seem like cold people and wondered why so many others are. The one guys said it must be the drugs. Phallon didn't seem too impressed with this answer. He then asked them what they would say if he told them he was a healer. They said they would say B.S. since they have a friend who claims the same thing and it's not true. He told them the story of how he was recently at a picnic for homeless people (he has now been homeless for a month and apparently loves it) where he saw a girl going through withdrawal from "oxycotin or something". She was shaking on the ground and just generally was not well. Phallon said he went over to her and put his hand on her shoulder, saying that everything was going to be ok. She seemed to relax, she stopped shaking, the wind blew her hair out of her face and she smiled. Later she was walking around and appeared just fine, he said. The conversation ended and the young punks went along their way. 

Phallon then turned back to me. He asked what I would say about the healer thing. I said I would be curious and want to know more. The conversation turned to the subject of auras and he asked what I thought about them. I've always found the idea of auras fascinating (when I was a little kid, I used to try to see them). I want to know more about auras, so Phallon said he'd try to teach me to see them. I thought, Wow, this is kind of cool! It would be really neat if he were to end up being for real. He put his hand up against his white shirt, told me to look in between his fingers and asked if I could see a tinge of colour. I couldn't. He then told me that it's like a muscle. You need to continue to use it and work it to see auras. Watching his teachers in class is where Phallon first noticed auras. Since I couldn't see something he looked for another background. A concrete wall would work since it's a neutral colour. This time he put his whole arm out and told me to not look at his arm, but to look six inches above and below it. I tried, but I saw nothing. After a while we gave up, but he told me to continue looking for it. The things Phallon was talking about, his ideas of positivity, the auras, and more made me think of the book, The Celestine Prophesy. He said he had read it and he based a lot of his life on things that came up in the book. We discussed the sequal and found that neither one of us had finished it. Phallon suggested I read The Alchemist, so now that's on my reading list. We ended our conversation and Phallon went to find the policemen he asked to speak with as they walked by. Before we parted ways, I asked to take his photo and he obliged and asked me how he wanted him to pose- he was pretty excited about it. 

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