Tuesday, October 2, 2012

"Program Complete"

Things are coming together for my convocation. The other day I received that long-awaited confirmation. It was simply: "Program Complete. Graduation Autumn Convocation”

But I tell you, seeing “Program Complete” was such a relief! I’ve had many little panic attacks over the summer. I thought I had actually calculated my courses incorrectly and that my academic counsellors had missed something, which would mean I need to take more courses and not graduate until June 2013! Fortunately, my little nightmares are not coming true. October 26th, I will be looking snazzy in my gown and mortarboard (graduate’s cap).

I took this photo in my first month at Western, back in 2007. But right now it’s symbolizing the freedom that comes with graduation and that my future is wide open. “The sky’s the limit” and that sort of thing.

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