Tuesday, July 21, 2009

It turns out I don't end up as bored in the summer-time, so ze blog gets neglected. Around London I have seen this piece of graffiti that has been covered up as soon as possible. I mean, really -what tomfoolery! What scoundals those kids are to do this! No wonder there are bi-laws in London against selling Sharpies and spraypaint to minors. Those scallywag kids!

... I'm being entirely sarcastic in this. I mean ice cream and diamonds? Frankly, I find these little pieces amusing and much more visually pleasing than the tags that are sprayed around the city. (This is what the City is up in arms about). Also, since there are many of the same "series" sprayed around I notice them and sort of think of them as a collection. "Oh, got another one!" :P 
I especially like the ice cream graffiti in the first photo- it's next to the best ice cream shop in town! Mmm Marble Slab! How appropriate! (PS Anyone who comes to visit me this summer gets a Marble Slab on me!) 
London has a lot of great murals in the alleys downtown, on the sides of buildings next to train tracks, etc. I'm talking about actual works of art- not just a scribbled tag. I walked in one alley the other day and took photos.
This alley is dedicated as a public art display- ie it's especially for graffiti. A Christian group is responsible for most of the art in this alley (their website is on the walls). Of course others have come and done their thing over top. I found "ignore alien orders" amusing. Looks like that was not from the Christian group. haha
Now off the topic of graffiti...
I'm listening to a song I've heard occasionally, but never knew what it was called. I heard it at work the other day and asked everyone there if they knew what it was called. No one did. Yesterday, Nate (one of the regulars) handed me a piece of paper and said, "I think that's what its called". Wow! I was so-so excited! It's a beautiful song and to know what it's called! *gasp*... *sigh*... Well, now I can listen to it whenever I like! :D Nate made my week.
Now you have to listen. It's "Con Te Partiro" by Sarah Brightman and Andreas Bocelli. (I prefer the all Italian version, but I can't find it as the duet on youtube).

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